Jul 23rd, 2014



if i was harry, i would have stuck a letter down the front of my pants and ran out on the front lawn bc

  1. the dursleys aren’t gonna chase me and cause a scene, it’d upset their pristine reputation
  2. if they DID chase me out, they’d have to put their hand down my pants to get to the letter and i’d just start screaming STRANGER DANGER STRANGER DANGER and fuck up their repuation for real

you would kill voldemort in first year at that rate

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Jul 2nd, 2014
Jun 23rd, 2014



I wonder what OBTumbler’s dance style is?

So glad you asked.



Jun 23rd, 2014



Imagine you and your icon reenacting the boat scene from Titanic.

…..the “boat scene”?


…………the entire movies takes place on a boat

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Jun 22nd, 2014
Jun 18th, 2014


a muggleborn student gets called a mudblood, so they lick their hand and wipe it on the pureblood’s face, singing “got mud on your face, you big disgrace, somebody better put you back into your place”

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Jun 18th, 2014
Jun 16th, 2014
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